We are proud to partner with Elim Lutheran Church’s Green Grocery Shares Program, which provides access to a variety of local produce and products while supporting participating vendors. This program is like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture); “shares” of products from local farm and business vendors are pre-purchased.

Shareholders are those who purchase GG Shares and then receive “dollars” to spend like currency at participating vendor booths on market days through the summer, which gives the participant more control and choice than a traditional CSA.

A full shareholder package will cost $250; the shareholder will retain $225 while tithing $25. But shares can be purchased in a variety of amounts, basically for each $10 worth of GGS purchased, $1 will go toward providing persons in need with GGS

In collaboration with the Scandia Marine Food Shelf, Green Grocery Shares are available to anyone in the community. If you cannot afford fresh produce, simply come to the Elim Grows table at the Scandia Farmers Market to pick up free GGS “dollars”.  Wednesdays 3:30-6:30pm