Founded in 2011, the Scandia Farmers Market is an independent organization whose mission reflects a value for community, commerce, and quality.

Located in the St Croix Valley, we are a growing collaboration of farmers, craftspeople, bakers, beekeepers, customers, and local business supporters. Gammelgården (“old small farm”) is a Swedish Immigrant Museum in the heart of Scandia. It is the beautiful and centrally located venue for Scandia Farmers Market—which spans a tree-sheltered green near the Välkommen Hus and historic buildings on the 11-acre site.

Scandia Farmers Market is Growing!

“Local” in Scandia means “neighbor” whether you are visiting, or work and live in the neighborhood. We aim to be more than your garden-variety farmers market! We are a weekly event where food, family and fun come together to welcome old and new friends. Scandia Farmers Market customers are an excellent audience, eager to participate in what Scandia has to offer. If you share our enthusiasm, and our value for community, your involvement will help us to thrive!

• Visit and shop at the Scandia Farmers Market
• Encourage a young person to participate
• Recommend the Market to a friend/neighbor
• Accompany a senior to the market
• AND…Become a friend of the market!

We have several sponsorship levels • Truffle ($1,000+) • Morel ($500)  • Oyster ($100) • Baby Bella (other & in-kind)